Top 10 Baby Gifts for Christmas

Everywhere you look, there are lights on the trees, candles in the windows and wreaths on the doors. This means it’s officially holiday shopping time! Maybe it’s your baby’s first Christmas this year, and you’re not sure what to get for someone who’s under a year old (and probably isn’t incredibly interested in toys for toddlers quite yet.) Or maybe you’re hoping to surprise a friend or sibling’s little one with a special gift this holiday season, but you don’t know where to start. We’re here today with a list of top 10 baby gifts for Christmas that Mom, Dad, and that important little person will all love and treasure for years to come.


Bath Time Fun

Whether baby is a huge fan of a nice warm bath or rebels at the idea of taking a quick dip before bed, getting squeaky clean every day (or every other day) is a necessity! Make bath time much more fun for everyone involved with a super-cute hooded bath towel and bath toy set. Eventually, even the most reluctant little bathing beauties will warm up to a routine that involves silly squirties and a fluffy towel!

A Custom Stocking to Hang for Santa

Most parents deliberate for months before choosing that one perfect, special name for baby. So they’ll just love seeing it on a gorgeous custom-made stocking they can hang by the fireplace every Christmas Eve. Santa will be sure to know where to hide those little gifts this year!

A Gorgeous Stroller Blanket

It’s getting pretty cold and windy for many of our readers these days, but that doesn’t mean parents and babies want to be cooped up in the house all day. Help them to beat that wintertime cabin fever with a beautiful stroller blanket that keeps baby warm on brisk walks in the chilly air. As a bonus, parents can tuck it into baby’s car seat after safely buckling the little guy or gal in for extra coziness and comfort on a long car ride.

A One-Piece Bunting for Outdoor Wear

For a baby who’s under one year (or who is wearing clothes in 12-month size or smaller), a cozy one-piece bunting that zips up over regular clothing is great for outdoor wear during the chillier months. Right now, many of the most popular varieties include hoods with animal ears. What’s more adorable than a sweet-faced baby in a fuzzy bear suit?

You Can Never Have Too Many Books!

It’s never too early for parents to start reading to their babies, and children’s books can be special gifts that stay in the family for generations. You might choose simple board books with lots of pictures for a young baby, but keep in mind that little ones will grow into books for older kids in just a few years. And, in a house that’s most likely full of toys, books are easy to store when it’s clean-up time.

A Soft and Colorful Play Mat

Let’s face it—if it’s a little baby we’re talking about, it’s going to be awhile before he or she can play anywhere except a crib, a play yard, or on the floor. And since daily tummy time is so important for early muscle and motor skill development, it’s very helpful to have a comfy and clean place to lay the little guy or gal. An adorable, colorful, and soft play mat gives baby lots to look at during tummy play and is easy for Mom or Dad to clean regularly.

A Sweet, Personalized Lovey Blanket

Many children develop a strong attachment to a stuffed animal, blanket, or other security object in their early years, a behavior that’s normal and perfectly healthy. Give baby a sweet and adorable friend to love and treasure for years to come. You can personalize a darling lovey blanket with the child’s name so that its owner knows it’s all his or hers—forever!

Everyone Needs Socks!

Dads aren’t the only ones who love to get new socks at every major holiday! Those adorable little baby feet are growing all the time, and cute baby socks are always handy, even if they’re a little big, since Mom and Dad can stash them in the nursery until they do fit. They also make for perfect stocking stuffers!

A Fun Push Toy for Assisted Walking

Some babies are eager to get up and walk before they’ve even reached their first birthdays, while others need a bit more encouragement to get up and moving on two feet. A fun push toy that makes noise may turn supervised walking into a fun activity rather than a difficult or frustrating task. While experts now strongly caution that no baby ever be placed in a walker, a push toy like a popcorn popper or toy vacuum can make practicing those steps alongside Mom and Dad more fun—and may even inspire little ones to help with housecleaning!

A Keepsake Place Setting

Baby’s parents will just melt for a beautiful set of dishes and silverware in sizes just perfect for their little one. If the baby is young, it’ll be a few years before the little guy or gal will be ready to use such a grown-up place setting, but it’s a thoughtful gift the whole family will treasure forever. Just think: your Christmas gift this year may even become a cherished family heirloom!

Hopefully these ideas have you feeling inspired to make baby’s Christmas extra-special this year! Of course, many babies and toddlers find all the wrapping paper, ribbons, and boxes more amusing than anything else Santa leaves for them, but they’ll grow into these special gifts quickly. And if you’re shopping for a loved one’s baby, you’ll find that parents are often more touched by gifts for their little ones than they are by any goodies they might for themselves under the tree. Of course, spending time as a family is the greatest gift of all, and your presence is a gift in itself. Have a wonderful holiday season, and enjoy this time together!

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