2015 Top Brands for Baby Lovies

Mommy … where’s my lovey? Most people have heard of a security blanket, but what’s a “baby lovey”? While this sweet term can refer to just about any blanket or stuffed toy that helps a baby or toddler to feel safe and secure, it most commonly describes a small, soft blanket with an adorable plush animal head, somewhere between a blankie and a regular stuffed animal. Today, we’ll explore a little about why your baby needs a transitional object like a cute lovey. We have some great suggestions for choosing the perfect lovey for your lovey!

Babies and toddlers develop attachments to stuffed animals and small baby blankets because they crave security and comfort. As they explore the world around them, having a comfort object with a familiar look, texture, and smell can help to relieve stress and bolster confidence. Check out, for example, these Angel Dear blankies, which are some of the most popular ones available. They’re adorable and super soft, so your baby will love them (and they’re reasonably priced, so you will, too!)

Angel Dear Giraffe Lovey

Angel Dear Giraffe Lovey

After an afternoon on the playground, this Angel Dear giraffe lovey provides a comforting cuddle when it’s time for a nap.


This adorable Apple Park lovey is soft and comfy.

Do you prefer a lovey made from organic cotton with a traditional look and feel for your little one? You and baby will fall head over heels for these Apple Park lovies, which you can easily personalize. This adorable Apple Park gray rabbit lovey is a nice compact solution for tummy time exercises when baby is still very young. Even if your living room floor is pristine, you can’t help but want your little one to lie on something soft, clean, and comfy just for him. With a blanket like this, a little practice lifting that adorably oversized noggin is possible just about anywhere!

Are you putting together a nursery and layette or planning a shower for a mother-to-be? You may want to consider a coordinating set of blankets that includes a lovey or nap mat and a full-size blanket. In this case, check out Bearington baby lovies for lots of adorable choices. For example, this sweet Bearington Wee Wiggles pink dog lovey matches the collection’s pink blankets. A set of blankets in the same color would make for a wonderful gift.

Wee Wiggles Small Pink Lovey - Bearington

Wee Wiggles Small Pink Lovey – Bearington

Maybe you’re looking for bolder colors for a standout shower gift. What are all the most stylish babies snuggling these days, anyway? Take a look at these fun MiYim organic lovies in bright colors little ones will just adore. If the nursery will be blue, you might check out this sweet MiYim blue elephant lovey, which is soft and adorable and made of organic cotton. This niche brand features unique products that make for memorable gifts.


Organic Blue Elephant Lovey – MiYim

Now that you’re well versed in the best lovies for baby, we just want to add a few helpful words on keeping your love safe. The experts at the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend that babies under one year of age sleep in a crib free of loose bedding, pillows, blankets, and other objects – think a mattress and fitted sheet only. So if your little one has become attached to a blanket or other object, make sure he or she doesn’t take it to bed until after that big first birthday celebration. But not to worry: there are plenty of other opportunities to snuggle, like when nursing or bottle-feeding, while reading a story, or on a walk in the stroller. After a year, the general consensus is that sleeping with a comfort object poses little risk, so feel free to cuddle away!

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