The Many Benefits of Portable Play Yards


Let baby play safely in a sectioned off play pen area.

Can you imagine being a cave mother? Yes, you read correctly. Think about what life would be like as a cave woman with a newborn. You have to skin a deer for diapers – if you consider diapers at all – and you might use some wool dipped in stream water in lieu of a baby wipe. If you cannot breast-feed, you and your baby are fresh out of luck. There’s no big name baby stores, and you don’t have a nursery to decorate nor a crib to furnish.

Life as a cave mother must have been awfully hard. Luckily, moms in the 21st century have thousands of handy baby products at their fingertips. In fact, one of the challenges of being a mother today is sorting through the clutter of available accessories and investing in things that will truly aid your parenting. Portable play yards are one of those good investments.

Portable play yards fulfill one of baby’s most basic needs: to stay safe. Indoors, it designates a certain amount of space over which you have complete control. The portable play yard is clean, unlike the questionable carpeting choice in your younger brother’s apartment. The portable play yard is free of choking hazards, unlike the area under your sofa that might be harboring all kinds of tiny dropped articles. While we still suggest supervising your infant at all times, there is a level of confidence in safety that comes from placing your little one into a play yard.

Staying safe outdoors is also made easier by the portable play yard. Whether you are visiting the park, the beach, or a neighbor’s backyard, this accessory erects an immediate shelter for baby. Sure, you could lay a travel baby blanket on the ground before changing your infant’s diaper, but that blanket will not protect him from the discomfort of small rocks or moisture. Changing him in a clean play yard instead ensures a smooth surface and saves his favorite blankie from getting soiled.

Versatility is another reason why the portable play yard is a staple on any traveling with baby checklist. We mentioned its ability to provide a safe and clean environment in which babies can play and be changed, when you are visiting a relative or heading outdoors for the afternoon. But play yards also transition into use overnight by supplying an impromptu sleeping zone for small children. Paired with a plush baby nap mat, infants will feel secure snuggled into their familiar-looking pen, even if you are not at home. This sense of security and familiarity will make bed time less stressful for you and your child.

Above and beyond the various benefits we already discussed, a durable portable play yard is a good investment for new parents because it has a long product lifespan. It serves as a portable nursery for your child from newborn to toddler (until he figures out how to climb!) Also, the play yard can be recycled for child #2 or swapped with a neighbor who is expecting. A mid-range play yard can endure years of use and prove helpful in so many ways.

Does your traveling with baby checklist call for something that is …

  • Clean?

  • Free of choking hazards?

  • Immediate shelter?

Does it need to provide your baby with a …

  • Smooth surface?

  • Impromptu sleeping zone?

  • Sense of security and familiarity?

If you answered “yes,” then a portable play pen is a great investment for your family.

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