Why Swaddle Your Baby?

What is swaddling and why are there baby blankets made specifically for this purpose?

Swaddling has long been a method used by parents around the world to comfort babies with the feeling of being  surrounded by a soft blanket. When babies are in their mother’s womb, they are enveloped fully and they become used to, and comforted by this feeling. However, after birth they have to try and learn to sleep on their own, and can be a strange and scary experience for a baby. In order to help with this process, mothers wrap their children in a blanket, not too tightly, but tightly enough that they feel comforted enough to fall asleep.

One of the main benefits of swaddling a baby is to calm them so that they remain asleep for longer, without crying or becoming scared. There are many different styles of swaddling blankets which can make it easier for a parent to swaddle their child, with less work. One easy to swaddle blanket is the Beba Bean Herringbone blanket, which has a triangle shape that is optimal for wrapping your baby.


This triangular shaped blanket makes it easy to wrap baby in comfort and style.


Another swaddle blanket called the Love to Dream Swaddle is made so you don’t have to wrap it at all. It’s crafted with stretchable fabric that zips up the front. Also, it is designed specifically to keep your baby from rolling about, but instead in a natural comfortable position. Unlike other baby blankets which can become loose or fall off, this swaddling blanket will hold its comforting shape.


This swaddle couldn’t be easier for parents to use. No wrapping necessary.


However, even with all the great new designs of swaddling blankets out there, some mothers prefer to swaddle their children the old fashioned way with a regular style blanket like the Aden + Anais swaddling blankets. The difference between this blanket and others is that it is specifically designed to prevent babies from overheating with breathable fabric, and it is over-sized to make it easier to wrap.


These swaddling blankets are made to be breathable and lightweight for the ultimate in comfort.

No matter what swaddling blanket you choose it is important not to wrap the baby too tightly. This can cause hip Dysplasia and respiratory problems in the future. If  your baby is wrapped correctly it will help them to fall asleep on their backs, preventing suffocation. Swaddling blankets are a great blanket choice for new babies, helping them to rest comfortably with a calming  wrap that imitates the warmth and enveloping nature of the womb. When shopping for the blankets that will work best for this, make sure to look for special sections of swaddling blankets, as those designated sections will have blankets designed with safety in mind.



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