Baby Clothes for Newborns

Some babies these days are more high fashion than their parents are. From head to toe, they are dressed to impress. But what clothing is most important for a newborn’s comfort and safety?

When shopping for a newborn, it’s important to take in some essential everyday factors. A baby’s skin is very sensitive to the sun and wind, along with other outdoor elements that they experience each day. They need to be protected from the weather with proper clothing at all times. Some of the most important clothing and accessories for babies are booties, hats, towels, and sleep sacks.

Booties – every new parent should have at least 5 pairs of booties for their baby to wear. Tane Organics Hand Knitted Boots are crafted with care to provide both warmth and comfort for your baby, even through the cold of winter. Also they are available in white and brown, making them easy to pair with any outfit.

Hand knitted boots are the perfect thing to keep your baby’s feet warm on cold winter days.

Hats: Hats are another very important part of a new baby’s wardrobe for much the same reason that booties are, as protection from the cold. But they can also provide shade for your baby from the sun’s harmful rays. The Egg Baby Cable Hat and Bootie Set, pairs together soft booties and a hat, for the customer’s convenience when purchasing baby’s winter apparel.

This hat and bootie set combines two of the most essential products for keeping baby comfortable the cold.

Baby Towels: After a nice warm bath there is nothing worse for your baby than ruining the calming experience by letting them become cold from being dripping wet. The Trend Lab Towel Kimono and other towel wraps are useful for parents because they can be wrapped around the baby to dry them off before changing them into their clothes. Plus, matching sets are great because they make it simple for parents to put together a great outfit for  their baby, without the hassle of searching around for individual items that work together.

Soothing baths are wasted if you let your baby grow cold right after them. Be prepared with a towel they can wear.

Sleep Sacks: If you want your baby to let you sleep at night, you must make sure that they can sleep first. This means ensuring that your baby remains at a comfortable temperature throughout the night. Baby sleep sacks are designed to be both breathable and comfortably warm. The Aden +Anais Sleeping Bag is padded with four layers of cotton muslin, and has fun patterns like little cars and giraffes.

Sleep sacks keep baby’s body covered in warmth all night long.

Parent’s can’t go wrong with these additions to their baby’s closet. Having sleep sacks, towels, booties, and hats on hand, means that your baby will be prepared for the weather inside or out. Remember to buy multiples of each of these items to make sure that there is always something fresh and clean for your baby to wear, and look for combined sets. Nothing is more important than your baby’s comfort, and with these clothing essentials at the ready, parents will be able to relax some more too.

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