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Sleep Safety Tips for Parents

Babies’ safety should be emphasized even when they are at rest. Although parents can’t monitor their babies 24/7, it is very important to safeguard your baby from danger at all times.

Firm Surface: The first thing to know about babies’ sleep safety is that they require a firm surface. Soft surroundings appear comfortable and appealing to new parents, but they can prove to be quite dangerous to the safety of a baby. A baby’s crib should have a tightly fitted blanket over the mattress and there should be no other items in the crib that might cause accidental strangulation or suffocation. Such examples are stuffed animals, pillows, sheepskins, bumper pads, quilts, etc. Also, if the baby falls asleep outside the crib, such as in your bed, couch, sofa or stroller, he should be moved to a firm surface as soon as possible. These precautions will help in preventing harm to your baby’s health.

Parents’ Room: It is important that the baby sleeps in the same bedroom as the parents’, but not in the same bed. If the child needs help, the parent should be able to hear him right away. However, by bringing the child into the parents’ bed, the baby could be rolled over on, or get tangled up in sheets. So as much as we may want to have our little ones next to us, it is actually safer to let them sleep in their own space.

Sleeping Position: Babies should sleep on their backs at least until the age of one. However, if a baby can turn over onto his side or tummy and then turn back all by himself, it is fine to leave the child in that position. Otherwise, you don’t want the child to be stuck in a position that he can’t get out of, because he may end up hurting himself.

Crib Safety: When deciding on a crib for your baby it may be tempting to get one that has been used or passed down through the family. However, make sure that the crib is not missing pieces, broken, or one that has drop down sides. An approved crib is always a safe bet, and safety regulations can be easily found on the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website.
For new parents, following these simple guidelines can take a great deal of danger out of your child’s life. A safe crib with a firm mattress is the first step to helping your child sleep safely through the night. Also make sure that they are in the same room with you, that they are in a secure sleeping position, and that they are not overheated.

Help your child sleep safely & soundly, and you will too!

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