Ready or not, here baby comes! Be sure you're registered for all the essentials - grandparents and friends will be itching to shop for you!

2015 Baby Registry Checklist – Must-Haves

If you’re expecting your first baby, you probably know you’ll need to go on a big shopping trip before you welcome that new little guy or gal to the world. And if you’ve shared your happy news with relatives and friends, they’ve probably asked you if you have a baby […]


Tuck baby into this adorable baby sleep sack so you doesn't have to worry about swaddling blankets coming loose.

Choose a Cute Sleep Sack for Baby

Taking care of your first baby can be confusing sometimes. Most parents are aware that newborns often sleep better when they’ve been swaddled—and let’s face it, sleep is precious for everyone in the household right now.  However, you’ve probably read the life-saving information available about the Back to Sleep campaign and how it’s best to […]


Celebrate the year of the sheep with this irresistible lamb blanket!

Customized Baby Blankets with Animals

When it comes to decorating a nursery and choosing gifts for a new baby, you can never go wrong with anything animal-themed. Whether you’ve chosen a forest, farm, or jungle theme for your little one’s bedroom, there’s nothing cuter than seeing your little one curled up to sleep on a […]


These Angel Dear lovies can provide comfort and security.

2015 Top Brands for Baby Lovies

Mommy … where’s my lovey? Most people have heard of a security blanket, but what’s a “baby lovey”? While this sweet term can refer to just about any blanket or stuffed toy that helps a baby or toddler to feel safe and secure, it most commonly describes a small, soft […]


Time to head out! Baby needs new friends - and so do you!

Meeting Friends for Baby

It’s rare that someone warns you before you become a mom or dad yourself that parenthood can sometimes be lonely. Sure, if you are home part-time or full-time, you feel very fortunate to spend so much time with your baby—but sometimes, especially if you’ve grown accustomed to spending most of […]


You're never too young for a fun trip!

Road Trips with Baby

Summer is finally here, which means long weekends and trips to the beach or the lake. If your little one is old enough and you have generous parents or in-laws, you and your partner may be able to escape for a relaxing weekend for just the two of you. But […]