Basics For Soothing Your Baby

Learning to soothe your baby is a rewarding process.

Learning to soothe your baby is a rewarding process.

Sometimes when parents just can’t figure out what’s wrong with their baby, the solution is as simple as finding an adequate distraction.But what distraction will work best for your baby?


Babies love to look at new things. They are hungry to take in the sights and sounds of new places, and when they can’t do this, they become bored and cranky. To counteract this common occurrence, take your baby to visit new locations as much as possible. Go to different parks, or even take them on your everyday errands with you. They don’t need to travel anywhere too exotic; they are simply happy to get a change of scenery. Don’t let the colder weather stop you, because your baby will not understand why all of a sudden they can’t go out. Instead, make sure they are prepared for the weather with a warm pair booties, a hat, and a blanket to keep them warm. These are often available in gift sets like the Egg Baby Cable Hat And Bootie Set, or in seasonal baby gift sets.

Everyday Distractions:

Since your baby is experiencing the world around them for the first time, try presenting them with distractions available in your own home. Simple things like looking in a mirror or watching the wash go around in the washing machine can be surprisingly great distractions for little ones.

Parent Care:

It is also important for parents to take into account how much babies love to have one on one time. Whether it’s playing around in the bathtub, singing to them in their crib or giving them a gentle massage, babies love to feel loved. Spend some time holding them, and giving them undistracted attention, and they will reward you with their attention in return. Make sure to keep play essentials with you when you’re on the go. Having tools like the Maison Chic Owl Nap Mat, gives you a safe space to play with your baby at any time or location.

Remember Their Favorites:

Babies can’t remind you to take their favorite toys and blankies with them, so it’s up to you to keep track of the things that soothe them best, and to make sure you have them with you at all times. For instance, some babies are most comfortable when wrapped in their favorite swaddling blanket. You can’t keep them wrapped up all the time, but if you bring the blanket with you, they can be comforted by it when they need to be.

When your baby needs soothing, remember to go through this checklist to help you determine a solution. If you have the right tools, and you give them the right amount of attention, they will reward you with their focused attention, and an end to their tears.

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