Nursery Design Tips

Home Sweet Home. There is no better feeling than fantasizing about the joyous day you will be able to carry your newborn home and into his/her own nursery. Allow yourself to bask in the excitement of nursery design by taking note of our helpful tips.

Consider putting your changing table in a bathroom. Many parents set theirs up in the baby’s room, but, if you have the space, you may find it more convenient to have it in one of your bathrooms. It’s helpful to have a sink for washing your hands, moistening a washcloth to clean your baby’s hands and face, and rinsing out soiled clothing before tossing it in the washer. It’s also very handy to be able to undress your baby for a bath in the same room as the tub.

set up nursery

Make your baby’s nursery a “home run.”

Have more than one—of everything! Life with a new baby is much easier when you have a couple of spare necessities. For example, it’s handy to have one car seat base for each car you drive or travel in regularly, so that you don’t waste time removing and reinstalling. And if you have several burp cloths, bibs, receiving blankets, and bath towels, you won’t have to do a load of laundry every day, which gives you more time to spend with your baby (and maybe catch a nap, too!)

The “more than one” rule applies to traveling, too. When you’re packing your diaper bag, if you think you need just one—take two. If your baby drops a pacifier or favorite, you won’t want to give it back to him until you’ve washed it, and you’ll be thankful for a spare in the meantime. A back-up outfit is also a great idea. If you keep your diaper bag stocked with these essentials, you won’t have to assemble them every time you decide to go out.

Don’t feel you have to paint the nursery walls. One question you’re likely to hear repeatedly during pregnancy is “What color are you painting the baby’s room?” If you like how the room looks and are too exhausted and sore to contemplate such a project, forget it! Choose furniture, bedding, wall décor, stuffed animals, and toys that complement the room’s current colors. And if the walls are white, that doesn’t mean the room has to be plain—it just means that you can choose from a wider array of colors and designs because you have a completely blank canvas.

Above all, make sure you’re enjoying yourself as you prepare for your new arrival. It’s easy to start feeling stressed and forget that this should be a happy process. Relax and rest assured that no matter what colors, patterns, and themes you choose for the nursery, your little guy or gal will love it—and you!

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