Finding Baby’s Favorite Security Blanket

baby security blanket

A favorite blanket can become baby’s best friend.

From favorite toys to favorite foods, pleasing your infant with her favorite things brings big grins to both baby and parents. A seemingly basic baby essential, there are actually tons of special features that can make a blanket the favorite baby blanket. If you’re looking for a fabulous shower gift or the perfect security blanket for your little one, these tips will help you select the one that’s sure to be loved.

What makes a really great security blanket? Is it the soothing color or the reassuring smile of an animal friend? Is it the silky-soft feel against your baby’s skin or the fact that it’s personalized? Could it even be due to its design or size? All of these considerations factor into whether a security blanket will be a true comfort to your baby, and later, to your toddler. While your child’s personal preference impacts the final decision, he or she is more likely to adopt a blanket that has one or more of the following advantages.

It’s soft. Your baby’s skin is very delicate; a weightless, whisper-soft blanket that caresses it without irritation is one to which he will comfortably cling. Security blankets that are made of very soft materials, like chenille, polyester velour, or other velvety materials, are bound to be your baby’s favorites. Blankets with a luxurious plush nap or a silken feel, like these baby blankets with satin trim, are beautiful as well as soft.

silky blanketIt’s friendlyAnimal security blankets for babies have always been popular, and for good reason. The sight of a smiling, peaceful friend, reassuringly close by, is soothing to babies facing the new, surprising world every day! Many security blankets feature animals, whether as a feature of the design or in the form of an additional plush toy that is easy for baby’s small hands to grasp.

It’s easy to clean. Babies first security blanket should be easy to clean, in anticipation of a lot of messy action. Opt for a durable blanket that can be thrown in the washing machine, rather than one that requires hand washing, to save yourself time and effort.

It’s well-made. We mentioned durability to keep the baby blanket withstanding of many trips to the washing machine, but remember the importance of durability if baby selects this blanket as his favorite. A good baby security blanket should be sturdy enough to withstand repeated use for newborns and then heavy utilization from toddlers. Toddler, in particular, love to drag their security blankets everywhere : all around your house, to the grocery store, to the park, etc.  If your child really loves the blanket, it’s inevitable that it will get a little frayed over time, but to a high-quality blanket will withstand the test of time.

It’s unique. If you want to go the extra mile on a security blanket, you can always consider personalized baby security blankets. Add your baby’s name, date of birth, and maybe a few extras, like a baby angel or teddy bear for design flair. While your baby certainly won’t care yet, your child will appreciate these little touches when he is older. There is something comforting about a momento that’s uniquely yours, and he will associate the thoughtful affection behind that gesture.

A security blanket is one of the most treasured souvenirs of early childhood, providing babies and toddlers with comfort and protection. I know my own mother has my personalized baby blanket – a crib quilt with an embroidered alphabet and my name on it – tucked safely in a box of my childhood things. Choose your own child’s next gift with consideration and care, and it just might be chosen as his favorite baby blanket.

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