Rare Baby Names for 2014

Tallulah Anais

Whether you are simply daydreaming about a child down the road or you are already an expecting parent, naming your baby is more thrilling than counting down to midnight on December 31! Hundreds of resources list the most popular baby names of 2013 (led by Liam and Charlotte), but your 2014 newborn deserves a name just as unique as he or she.

Although Shakespeare might ponder, “What’s in a name?” we believe that a child’s name is a vital component of who they are. The first thing you ever learn or share about a person is his or her name, so be sure to select one that is just as unique as your baby. Below are some of the rarest names we encountered in 2013, inspired by celebrity babies who were born in this past year. Take a look at the top ten for each gender.

Male Celebrity Newborns

  1. Bear
  2. Beau Kyle
  3. Berkely Seon
  4. Dashiell Ford
  5. Daxel Vaughn
  6. Kaius Jagger
  7. Nyle Thomas
  8. Quincy Xavier
  9. Ryker Mobley
  10. Valor

Female Celebrity Newborns

  1. Autumn James
  2. Carmen Gabriela
  3. Eisele Kaye
  4. Elsie Marigold
  5. Laiyah
  6. Penelope Joan
  7. Ruby Lane
  8. Saffron Rose
  9. Tallulah Anais
  10. Winnie Rose

From Bear to Valor, the little celeb boys sound strong and fearless, while the little celeb girls give the impression of dainty grace with their names from nature – Autumn, Marigold, Ruby, Saffron, and Rose. In all instances, the chosen names make an immediate impact, and they set the stage for a unique individual.

Remember, your baby’s name is not a spur of the moment decision on a whim. Once that birth certificate is signed, your name choice will be displayed throughout the child’s entire life, and there are so many things that can (and should!) be personalized. Embroidered baby blankets, monogrammed sweaters, stitched toys and more will be emblazoned with that name, so be sure to grant your newborn with a moniker that reflects his or her rare brilliance!


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