Everything You Need to Know About Bathing Baby

We bet you have been bathing yourself nearly every day for your entire life, yet you’re a bit wary when it comes to bathing your baby. Well, we are here to soothe your mind as much as a warm bath with soothe your newborn; here’s everything you need to know about bathing baby, from safety precautions to the type of towels and blankets you should use.

Time: Babies need constant supervision and this is especially important when it comes to bathing your baby. Make sure that you have the time available to properly wash your baby before you get started. Also keep bath essentials near you at the side of the tub. You will need soap, toys, and an absorbent towel to keep your baby warm after a nice bath. Leaving the tub unattended while your baby is soaking in the water is not an option. If you absolutely have to leave the room you must wrap your baby in a dry towel and take him or her with you.

absorbent towel

This towel kimono will absorb moisture and keep baby warm after a soothing bath.

Temperature: Always make sure to control the temperature of the bathroom, as well as the temperature of the water, so that it stays comfortable for the baby where they are not too hot or too cold. This means that the bath water should not be steaming hot as you may prefer it, because that will be too hot for the baby. While the temperature of the bathroom should be around 75 degrees. The Towel Treat Animal Blanket is a great option for parents to have hanging in the bathroom for their little ones. Slip this towel on them after a nice warm bath, and they will stay warm and toasty inside an animal of their choice. Parents find that a plaything like this – that doubles as a functional towel – is perfect for motivating fussy babies to cooperate during bath time.

personalized animal towel

Baby will hop into the tub for the chance to cuddle with this towel later.

Safety Precautions: Tubs can be very slippery and dangerous for little babies without the proper traction. Make sure that your baby is seated when in the bath and that you have a rubber bath mat, so that if he attempts to stand or move around, he won’t hurt himself. Also, cover the tub spout with some type of padding so that your baby will not hit his delicate head on it by accident.

Supplies: Some soaps can be harsh on a baby’s delicate skin, so it is important to make sure that your baby is not sitting in soapy water for too long. Also, purchase soap that is specifically meant for babies, because other soaps will definitely be too strong. Have a wash cloth on hand that is extremely soft on your baby’s skin. Using the same wash cloths and soap as you use may be tempting, but their coarseness can damage baby’s sensitive skin.

Giving your baby a nice warm bath can be the perfect trick to sending them off to a pleasant nap or rest for the night. Just make sure to keep your eyes on your baby at all times so that they don’t hurt themselves in a slippery bathtub or get stuck under the water. If you keep the water at no more than 2 to 3 inches, they can have fun while staying safe. When they are done bathing, make sure to have the appropriate baby clothes for wrapping them up safe and dry after the bath. Follow these tips and add some fun, and bath time could become your baby’s favorite time of day.

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