Homemade Toys For Baby

Making homemade toys for baby can be very rewarding for everyone.

Raising a baby is full of special moments. Why not create some more by getting involved with making toys that baby loves.  Just as you can make delicious homemade baby food in your kitchen, you can make some unique baby toys as well.  Here are some ideas for how to make homemade baby toys!

Building Blocks

Try saving your empty tea containers, tissue boxes, cereal boxes, and other small cases. Fill them with newspapers or tissue paper to give them a little more weight and balance. Next cover these boxes with adhesive book tape so there are no loose choking pieces. Then sit back and watch your baby build himself a tower (and probably knock it down right away). For different textures, you can glue fabrics, buttons, or any other bumpy objects to the sides. Make sure you glue them down really well so that they don’t fall off.


Clean out the inside of a small Pringles container, or (if baby is really young) a tube of M&M’s. Then put in a handful of uncooked rice and close it tight. Make sure you tape the top down tightly. Consider covering this with adhesive book tape too. Experiment with different types of containers, rice, pasta, or small stones for a variety of different sounds that baby can enjoy.

Drum Set

Using an empty cylindrical container of formula or oatmeal, tape the lid shut and put it face down. Give baby a wooden spoon (make sure there are no pointy ends) and let baby bang away on his very own homemade drum set!


Take a piece of cardboard and lay it flat on the ground. Then gather common, recognizable household items and place them on top of the cardboard. Choose items like a comb, plastic spoons, old keys, and other items that you don’t mind getting ruined. Arrange them on the board and then spray paint the entire area. Once it dries, remove the objects and help baby match the objects to the missing spot on the cardboard. This can be a very useful toy because it can be fun, educational, and creates a special bonding moment between mom and baby. If you have young children, have them help gather stuff for you to put into the puzzle. This will give them a sense of pride when they walk into the room and watch their younger brother or sister playing with the toy that they helped make.

For a unique baby shower gift for expecting mums, design and create your own baby toys! You can always personalize these items with names, cute phrases, and pictures. Add a personalized baby blanket and you will definitely present this mom with the most unique and exceptional gift that you can! Happy crafting!

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