Holiday Gift Shopping for Baby 2013

Five simple gift ideas to make baby smile.

Five simple gift ideas to make baby smile.

It’s here! The season you have been dreading all year. You don’t care about the picturesque falling of orange and red leaves, and you can’t be bothered enjoying the coziness of sweaters and scarves necessitated by the dropping temperature. You are too busy being consumed with fear of the holiday season, a time when family and friends suddenly expect you to become clairvoyant and present them with the perfect, thoughtful gift.

Maybe you are not this dramatic, or maybe you really adore the holiday season. Either way, pinpointing a loved one’s desires is often a challenge, and shopping for a baby who cannot vocalize his wants is even more difficult. In order to ease some of your stress, we have curated this list of baby gift ideas for your shopping trips this holiday.

  1. Favorite plush toy
  2. White noise machine
  3. Hat and booties set
  4. Personalized baby blankets
  5. Baby Safe Feeder

The first item on our baby gift ideas list is a classic favorite. Babies are known to form strong affinities towards inanimate objects that they associate with comfort, such as their favorite plush toy. Infants are too young to understand that their teddies do not share their capacity to love, but they see, hug, and love them day in and day out, forming a bond that often lasts until preschool. Wouldn’t it be great to be the giver of such a special gift? That child will carry a piece of you every time she plays with the toy. This gift is a great option for all budgets, because a low-price toy will be just as appreciated by baby as one that costs a lot of money. You can even bid on “vintage” Puffalump bears from the 1990’s to stir some nostalgia in baby’s parents.

Scholastic studies and the test of time have both concluded that babies like white noise. The soothing noise is reminiscent of the womb, bringing baby some peace. You can give the gift of peace to baby and her parents – who will be very grateful.

Our third suggestion for thoughtful baby gifts is a set of matching hat and booties. What’s so thoughtful about a hat and some socks? First off, you are clearly concerned about the well-being of this little one. Newborns are very vulnerable to the crisp winter air, so you are helping ensure that their petite ears and toes are properly protected. Second, this gift is pretty unique. Most people dismiss socks as too boring of a present to give, yet dozens of pairs – or just one sneaky sock – fall casualty to the washing machine every day! Help new parents stock up.

Another product that parents can’t get enough of … baby blankets! There are so many different kinds and they are easily soiled from daily use. Browse some best selling baby blankets, and you might just be astounded at the variety of gift ideas that they present. For newborns, buy swaddle blankets that secure baby in for warm, safe night’s rest. For larger babies, nap sacks are the way to provide comfort and warmth while still preventing loose blankets from rising up over the child’s face. Personalizing a blanket with “Baby’s 1st Christmas,” a monogram, or baby’s name and birth date are simple touches that make this gift even more special.

Finally, the Baby Safe Feeder is going to revolutionize teething and cut down choking incidents. This tool has a large handle for small hands to firmly grasp and a netted top that can hold slices of fresh fruit or vegetables that babies might otherwise have a hard time eating. The netting prevents new eaters from biting off a larger piece of food than their underdeveloped mouth can handle, and it provides gum relief for those going through a painful stage of teething.

There are thousands of baby products on the market, and sometimes the clutter seems overwhelming to break through. Eliminate shopping stress this holiday season by using our baby gift ideas list as a guide and remembering that the most important gift you can give to a baby is your love and attention.

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