Great Foods for Pregnant Moms

Being pregnant will require you to change your lifestyle in certain ways. For the health of the baby that is growing inside you, expectant mothers need to make sure that they eat right. There are a wide range of foods and pregnancy tips that can help to boost your immune system and ensure that both mother and baby remain healthy and strong. Here are a few:


A single egg contains 90 calories and is full of protein. There are also 12 different minerals and vitamins contained within this wonder food. Of course, protein is going to be the most important thing for your growing baby as its cells are expanding and growing at a very fast rate.

Popcorn and Whole Grains

Popcorn and whole grains are good for everyone because they contain fiber. Fiber is what helps to keep the bowels moving and plays a part in preventing colon cancer. As well as providing you with regular bowel movements, popcorn and whole grains have vitamin E in them and also have a high number of other nutrients. Barley, whole grain bread and oatmeal are also great. There is nothing better than a bowl of oatmeal porridge in the morning to fill you up and get your day kick-started. It will also help your baby to load up on the fiber that it needs.

Greek Yogurt

If you want to load up on extra protein then make sure to head out to the supermarket and pick up a bit of Greek yogurt for yourself. This yogurt actually has a much higher level of protein than ordinary yogurts.

Leafy Green Vegetables

Leafy green vegetables such as kale and spinach are definitely a good idea. They are chock-full of nutrients and vitamins including vitamins A, K and C. According to, they also promote good eyesight.

Vegetables and Colorful Fruits

If you enjoy your fruit then you are in for a treat. If you enjoy eating a variety it means that your baby will gain a whole range of nutrients and vitamins and will be getting his or her daily dose. There are also a lot of antioxidants and minerals that can be found.  These are great to make into hampers as gifts for new moms, too.

Foods to Avoid

There are a couple of foods that you will want to avoid as an expecting mom, and friends looking for  baby gift ideas should learn the items on this list, as well. Anything that is raw or under-cooked should be skipped. Raw or under-cooked food can contain germs such as salmonella and e. coli.  The same can also be said for cheese and dairy products that have been made with unpasteurized milk.

Another thing that you should avoid is caffeine; while not technically a food, it is a stimulant that can be detrimental to a pregnant woman’s developing baby if consumed in large enough doses. About 300 milligrams of caffeine per day should be the cap. Herbals teas with juniper, rosemary or thuja should also be avoided by expectant mothers. If you are in doubt about anything else, make sure to speak to a dietitian or your OB/GYN for more information.



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