Do-It-Yourself Holiday Decorations for Baby’s Room and More!

We're guessing you already have some serious contenders for holiday photo greeting cards this year.

We’re guessing you already have some serious contenders for holiday photo greeting cards this year.

There’s something very special about the holiday season when one or more of your family members is very small. If it’s your baby’s first Christmas or Hanukkah, he may be a little too young to really understand what’s going on—but Mom and Dad sure aren’t! This is a great time to celebrate your happy family, whether it’s just gotten a little bigger or has been growing for a few years now.

By now, you most likely already know how to select baby gifts that make sense for your little ones this year: onesies and pajamas that they’ll grow into, books that you can read together before bedtime or a long nap, and toys that make them giggle and teach them more about the world around them. But have you thought about what you’re going to do to make baby’s room festive before Santa and/or the grandparents come to visit? We’re here with some sweet holiday ideas that you’ll love. Introduce baby to the season to be jolly—and make some wonderful memories, too.

Baby’s Room

It will be fun for both baby and you to create a winter wonderland right at home in the nursery. You might think about hanging a sweet stocking from one of his shelves and displaying some adorable plush snowmen, elves—maybe even the big guy in red. If you have older kids who want to help, you can have them create beautiful decorative snowflakes out of white construction paper to hang in baby’s windows—or you might think about hanging some twinkling lights (as long as baby can’t reach them, of course.) When you put your little one down for a nap in his organic baby sleep sack, he’ll have so much to admire as he closes his eyes.

Your Living Room

We know what you’re thinking—babies and fragile, expensive holiday decorations really don’t mix. And it’s true that you should take extra care to keep baby away from your beautifully trimmed Christmas tree or glowing menorah. But you might think about hanging a special ornament to commemorate baby’s first holiday with your family. You can also give her a personalized baby blanket in a holiday color (whatever matches your decorating palette!) and take her picture on it near the tree, in a beautifully wrapped gift box, or next to the gingerbread house your older children have decorated, just about to take a bite—too cute!

Baby in the Mail!

Speaking of adorable photos, you know relatives and friends love seeing how your newest addition is doing. Consider creating and sending custom holiday cards that feature a photo (or a collage of several photos)—a family portrait, baby in Santa’s lap, or baby modeling a cute knit baby hat given by someone who’ll be receiving a card from you. Family members will love these cards because they’re easy to save and display like any other photo after the holidays are over—if you visit next summer, you might be surprised to see your framed card on the mantel!

Happy decorating!

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