Cold Weather Activities with Baby

What fun activities can you do with baby in the cold weather?

The beautiful hues of orange and red that accompanied autumn are beginning to fade. The trees are releasing their brittle leaves, and neighbors crunch through them with booted feet. Bulky coats are replacing sweaters, and your favorite coffee shop has already introduced its red, holiday cup. Thinking about being cooped in the house with a new baby for the winter may send a shiver through your bones – unrelated to the dropping temperatures. Instead of anticipating cabin fever and boredom, welcome winter with open arms and read on for ideas how to enjoy the cold weather with your baby.

Short Outdoor Trips Can Still Be Fun

The first step to enjoying winter is embracing the cold. With the proper attire, you and baby can relish the great outdoors even when the temperatures drop. Freshly diaper your little one and dress him in his coziest outfit. If you are not accustomed to putting shoes on your newborn, be sure to invest in thick baby socks, because his teeny tiny toes (and fingers) are very susceptible to the cold. Layer your stroller or baby sling with fleece baby blankets to provide the best insulation from windy chill, and do not leave the house without fitting him with a hat! A newborn’s precious head comprises a large percentage of his skin’s surface area, meaning a lot of heat can escape from his crown. Not only will a fuzzy cap keep baby toasty on your outdoor adventure, he will look absolutely adorable!

Once your snow prince is snuggled in his cold weather baby blanket, ears, fingers and toes tucked away from the chill, head out for a quick trip around the neighborhood. The park will be peaceful in this season, and slipping down slides in puffy parkas is much more fun than in the sticky heat of summer. Even a brief jaunt around the corner from your home can be beautiful when the holiday decorations start appearing. A stroll after dinner will light baby’s eyes up with admiration at the twinkling lights on shops and houses. Keep your own eyes peeled for a photo opportunity, too. Candid snapshots often make far cuter holiday cards than professionally posed ones. Check baby’s cheeks often to gauge when it’s time to go back inside for a warm bath and a nap.

Think Outside of the Box When You’re Inside

Speaking of baths, extra tub time is one cure to house-bound blues in the winter. Babies will love the soothing warmth after a cold day, and you can turn the daily routine into a learning experience: Experiment with different toys that sink versus float. Blow bubbles in the bathroom, where the suds won’t stain your walls. Arm your splasher with cups of various sizes to discover the wonders of scooping and spilling. Remember that these trivial experiences are all new to baby, and he is delighted to share them with you!

More household items that keep baby busy:

  • Empty rolls of wrapping paper, toilet paper, and paper towels – Make telescopes, instruments, or tunnels for toy cars.
  • Tupperware containers and wooden spoons – Drums that are quieter than pots.
  • Personalized baby blanketsPeek-a-boo, forts, and warmth with style.
  • Blocks – Inspire your little engineer.
  • Sing-along tapes – Work on the ABCs this winter.
  • Edible play dough and finger paint – Follow the link for recipes to spend an afternoon making and playing with these childhood classics.
  • Boxes! (Isn’t it great how they love the box more than the toy inside?)

A dipping thermometer should not signal boredom to you or your baby. With appropriate caution, abbreviated adventures outdoors can still be pleasurable in the winter, especially during the joyous holiday season. A bundled baby is a happy baby! As for staying indoors, don’t go stir-crazy by watching endless hours of television or relying on the baby-swing to keep your son/daughter entertained (it won’t last for long). There are a lot of creative ways to spend quality time together right in your living room, and if you run out of ideas, invite over family and friends. Playdates are fantastic opportunities to develop your little one’s social skills, and you can take the opportunity to exchange toys and ideas with other parents. Check back to Baby Blankets Blog in the upcoming months for more winter-related advice.

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