Choosing a Crib for Baby

Finding a crib that is safe and comfortable for your baby is absolutely necessary.

When preparing the nursery for your first child, choosing a crib is probably the biggest decision you will have to make.  This piece of furniture is usually quite pricey, so you will want to do your homework before diving into a purchasing decision. Be confident in your crib selection by paying attention to its craftsmanship, decorative appeal, and special features.


There is nothing worse than feeling ripped off.  To avoid this awful disappointment, give a lot of consideration to the craftsmanship of your crib selection. Questions to consider:

–          What is the lifespan of this piece of furniture?

–          Will it sustain temper tantrums?

–          Will it possibly be used for Baby #2? #3?

–          Can one purchase grow with baby from crib to toddler bed?

Weigh the projected lifespan of your purchase to its price.  It may be wiser to invest in a more expensive crib that can be handed down to a couple of siblings, cousins, or friends, or to invest in a progression piece that can be used by your child until she is in preschool.  Also, always have safety on your mind.  Buying a used crib can cut costs, but then there is no guarantee that original hardware is properly fastened.  Stay away from cribs with drop-down sides or finish that can peel off and be ingested.

Decorative Appeal

No matter the size or grandeur of your house, your baby’s crib will become the new center piece of your home.  When shopping, remember that you and any company that comes to visit will inevitably spend a considerable amount of time admiring your beautiful baby through the top of this single piece of furniture. You do not need to drop thousands of dollars for an attractive crib, but consider the overall aesthetic of your décor before jumping to a decision.  If it is a family tradition to have baby blankets personalized and hung in the newborn’s room, bring a fabric swatch with you on the shopping trip. You want all of baby’s furniture assembled and tested a couple of weeks before the expecting mom’s due date, in case of a surprise premature birth (I was born on the day of my mom’s baby shower!) or if some part of the crib malfunctions.  Safety, safety, safety!

Special Features

There are a few additional factors that will influence you purchasing decision, so it is best to discuss them with your shopping partner before heading to the store. Some final questions to consider:

–          Do you want a built-in changing table?

–          Do you want a storage drawer crafted directly into the crib’s underside?

–          Since drop-down sides are deemed highly unsafe, would a feature adjusting the mattress height help you lift baby in and out at bedtime?

–          Does the store offer assembly, or can you handle responsible, cautious construction on your own?

–          If you need multiple pieces of baby-related furniture, should you buy an entire matching set?

Although there are so many different factors regarding the craftsmanship, decorative appeal, and special features of cribs, your paramount concern should be baby’s safety.  Ensure the proper installation of all of baby furniture and then never leave any loose articles of clothing or material in the crib overnight. Crib bumpers are a NO.  Blankets, apart from those in which your infant is securely swaddled, are also a NO.  Even a small baby blanket has the ability to accidentally cover baby’s mouth or nose, so always err to the side of caution.

Best of luck to you as you prepare for the birth of your child!

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