Budget Friendly Baby Clothes Swap

Swap baby clothes for a budget friendly new wardrobe!

With each passing day, your children are growing. As they continue to grow, your kids will go through various clothing sizes. That means you’ll have to continually buy new clothes for your them. This thought is daunting for most parents. But fear not! Here, we show you how to find new clothes for your little ones without spending a dime, and not to mention having tons of fun while doing so.

Having a clothing swap party is a great way to get new pieces into your wardrobe without breaking your budget. But it isn’t just for teens and adults, babies and children of all ages can benefit from this as well. Many of your friends, one can assume, are at the same stage in life as you. They likely have kids of various ages too, whose clothing varies in size and styles. Some may even have a child around the same age as your own.

Pick a date and a time that works well with everyone. Consider if you want your children there or just a mom date. Remember, this may provide  more time to relax with your friends and focus on the clothes, which may be hard to do when your attention keeps drifting to your little one. If you all decide to bring your kids, set the event up at an hour in sync with their napping schedule or set up plans with your partner to keep their eyes on the kids while you ladies catch up. While compiling the guest list, make sure to allow your friends to suggest some of their own friends and fellow mothers that may be interested in participating. More guests means more clothes.

Sending out online invitations will allow you to give guests quick and advance notice to get their items ready for trading (fresh and clean) as well as allow you to see who has rsvp’d. Add a few tips to help guests get their clothes ready. Make sure all clothes are neat and washed. Guests (as well as you) should not contribute anything that has stains or is tattered with holes. Encourage guests to bring other items as well, such as baby blankets or a baby cable hat (these must be washed as well). If you are bringing blankies, avoid embroidered or personalized baby blankets as those should be bought new because they are a specialized keepsake.

If your guests are up for it, consider pooling money together to buy an item and raffle for it. An Empress Arts Animal Blanket would be a perfect, gender neutral raffle option. Should the weather allow it, set it up in a backyard that has plenty of room. Set up tables to display the items on. Include an extra table for refreshments and snacks. Pump up the music, and don’t forget to relax and enjoy yourself!


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