Babies Like White Noise


Create some white noise for your little one!

Have you ever spent the night lying in bed, staring at the clock and unable to fall asleep?  You jump at every sound and internally loathe each passing car on the street that shatters the silence of your room.  Now think of a time you felt yourself involuntarily nod off, probably during the evening news or some other monotonous program on TV.  Sometimes silence can be “louder” than noise – specifically, white noise.

White noise is described as a sound frequency that does not add to the disharmony created by other sounds.  Huh?  The best way to explain white noise is by providing examples: the hum of a washing machine, a low-volume TV show, the vacuum cleaner, running water, the wind.  Of course, each of these activities makes noise, but we do not find them disturbing because they are repeated at the same frequency over and over again. We can tune them out, plus they disguise other potentially-disturbing noises, like the honk of a car.  White noise is our best friend when it comes to falling asleep, so it is no surprise that babies – who sleep more than half their days away – are big fans of white noise.

Use white noise to your advantage when setting your baby to bed.  The average newborn will sleep on and off around the clock, waking only for feeding and a couple hours of interaction with the bright new world!  Avoid having a cranky baby on your hands by decreasing all chances that he will wake up before he is properly rested.  A) Swaddle baby in his personalized baby blanket so he does not startle himself awake.  B) Play white noise in the nursery to block out the disruptive sounds of the rest of the house.


Price Range

Invest in a baby sound machine that mimics the familiar sounds of the womb.

$18 – $70

Purchase an MP3 file or CD from

$7 – $10

Download the White Noise Baby or aSleep app from iTunes.


Play static radio at a low level of volume.


Turn on a whirring fan.


Traditional napping starts coming into play around the three or four-month mark, when infants begin to recognize the distinction between day and night.  At this milestone, it is important to have established pre-sleep routines that cue baby to relax.  White noise can easily be a sleep-trigger just as effective as snuggling your little one into his favorite small baby blanket.  Incorporate steady, monotonous frequencies of music or other sounds to lull your prince to dreamland with less hassle.  Read two of our recent articles if you’re looking for more tips for nap time or preparing your baby for a safe night of peaceful rest.

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