The 9-Month Needy Stage

The 9-Month Needy Stage

Soothing your clingy baby can sometimes be a struggle.

Your baby’s development is a beautiful and fascinating thing to watch and experience, but like anything else in life, it can have its ups and downs. One phase that can be difficult for new parents to deal with is what’s popularly known as “the 9-month needy stage.” When a baby nears 9 months of age, it can be very common for him or her to become very clingy and upset when Mom or Dad leaves the room. The cause of this phenomenon is most likely due to the fact that this is the age when babies start to develop separation anxiety and a fear/distrust of unfamiliar people. While this is a perfectly natural process, it can be frustrating for exhausted new parents to deal with. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to manage a clingy baby. Read some of our suggestions below. 

Baby Blankets

Buying your child a new cuddly baby blanket is a great way to help put them at ease and help them cope. There are many different types of baby blankets out there, so experiment to find out which is your child’s favorite kind. Many children at this age feel a constant need for contact. Providing your baby with a soft blanket gives them something to cuddle with, even in your absence. To make it really special, you can even buy a personalized baby blanket that has your child’s favorite animal embroidered on it.

Provide Entertainment

If you keep your baby entertained and occupied, odds are they’ll be too distracted to even miss you when you leave the room! Making sure that your baby  has access to a few different toys that they’re fond of when you have to leave the room may help prevent them from crying. Soft plush animals are a popular choice – not only will your baby love playing with them, but they can double as snuggly pillows as well. To get the most bang for your buck, you could invest in a blanket that doubles as a toy. Products such as the Apple Park Blankie are great for this purpose  – these cute animals are wonderful for playtime, but they’ll be just as useful when nap time rolls around.

Tire Your Baby Out

It’s no secret that a sleeping baby is a quiet baby, and sometimes, that’s all an exhausted parent really wants. Sometimes the best way to soothe a clingy baby is to get them to fall asleep. A useful trick in doing so, is by giving your baby a bath. The warm water will relax your needy baby and make them sleepy – then wrap them up in a soft swaddling blanket, and your baby will be asleep in no time! To help put your baby in the nap time mood, maybe sing them a lullaby or two – the sound of your voice is sure to help him or her relax.

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