Baby-Friendly Date Ideas

Baby-Friendly Date Ideas

It’s important to get out of the house when you’re a new parent!

As new parents, it can be hard to get out of the house and go on a date. There can be several reasons for this: you don’t feel comfortable leaving the baby yet, you can’t find or don’t have the funds for a suitable babysitter, or maybe you just feel too tired to even put on a pair of jeans! However, it’s important for you, your hubby, and your baby to spend some quality time together outside of the house every now and then. Going on a date, even with your baby, is a wonderful stress-buster for a new mom. It also helps to strengthen your relationship with your spouse, which may have (understandably) been put on the back-burner after the baby’s arrival.

Take a Stroll

When was the last time you broke out that stroller that you put on your baby shower gift list? A fun, active idea to get you, baby, and your partner out of the house is to go for a walk in your local park. Both you and baby will love being outdoors – especially when all the leaves are falling. If you have a quiet baby, take the opportunity and go to a coffee shop or cafe where you and your spouse can relax over a hot drink. Make sure to pack your baby’s stroller blanket though! You don’t want to end your date with a chilly baby.

Double Date

If you have friends who also have young children, odds are that they’re in the same situation as you are. A good way for new parents to get out of the house and socialize is to meet up with other new parents! Set up a double date – pack a few different types of baby blankets and make a reservation at a family-friendly restaurant. If you don’t feel up to going out, visiting each other’s houses lets the parents socialize while the kids play with each other. Since they’ll be distracted, you’ll actually have a chance to unwind and relax a little! If you have a shy baby, bringing along your child’s favorite Maison Chic Nap Mat may help them feel more comfortable.

Picnic Time

What better way to enjoy the beautiful autumn weather than with a family picnic? Pack a basket with your favorite lunch, a sturdy blanket, an owl nap mat, and you’re good to go! Make sure to bring along baby’s favorite toy or cuddly animal too, so that they’ll be entertained. If grandma and grandpa are itching to spend time with their new grandchild, a family picnic is a great low-key way for everyone to enjoy the afternoon and spend time together. This will make things easier for you, as well – they can take turns watching the baby, so that you can actually enjoy your lunch!

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