Fall Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Fall Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Autumn is a perfect time to host a baby shower for an expecting mom.

When it comes to life’s biggest events, nothing can top the birth of a new baby. Thus, it makes sense that the shower leading up to this incredible event should be appropriately celebratory. Thankfully, this does not require pulling together a fantastically elaborate spread. To faithfully honor the importance of these new beginnings, all that is needed is a little creativity.

As summer comes to a close, we begin to see fewer baby showers celebrating the flowers and shells of summer. Increasingly, celebrations are being planned with autumnal tones, and themes start to include welcoming the arrival of a new ‘pumpkin’. Instead of pastels and brights, we might start to see orange and browns. Sophisticated tones are the way to go, and if you’re bringing a gift to one of these parties, an elegant baby fleece blanket would be treasured.

If you’re a sibling, friend, or siblings and are helping to arrange a fall baby shower, then the idea is to create a world influenced by all things related to baby.Here are a few ideas on décor and themes that work for an autumn baby shower

Ready-to-Pop” Theme

This is a great theme that is not season-specific, but the name even can suggest a pumpkin if interpreted in oranges and other similarly autumnal colors. With warm brown polka dot prints, festive zig-zag, and orange ribbons adorning various decorative elements, this theme is a winner for the fall. ‘Pop’ can be embodied by bubbly letters, and the food can appropriately match the seasonality. Think orange icing, carrot cupcakes, caramel popcorn, and mini pumpkin pies. Glowing candles can warm up the festive autumn room, and pumpkins are recommended. View pictures here.

You Are My Sunshine” Theme

This is a fun, gender-neutral theme that is as refreshing as it is flexible. Yellow is recommended in light of the sun, but a spring-time theme can also be achieved with bright lemony yellow, whereas an autumnal party can be done with a deeper, orange hue. Zig-zags are a popular pattern this year, and can be used in paper goods, table cloth, ribbon, and anything else you can find in it! Gray goes well with the yellow; make sure to match the two colors’ intensities. View pictures here.

A few other ideas that avoid spring-time references are ‘circus’ (animals galore!), ‘camping chic’ (browns and greens with picnic style snacks), or simply ‘modern pattern’ (graphic silvers recommended). Invitations are important in informing guests of the theme. Make sure you choose seasonally appropriate invites – there are many types of fun autumnal stationery to choose from. Additionally, if you’re going to a baby shower in the fall, remember to bring a gift that is appropriate for the baby’s season of birth. Personalized blankets for baby are great, since you can often personalize them, and they are available in a wide range of images and colors.


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