Unique Baby Blankets for Boys

Custom blankets last as keepsakes because of their personal touches.

Who doesn’t love an adorable baby blanket wrapped around and comforting the newest member of the family?  Baby blankets are one of the first items your baby will use and often one of the items saved as a memento as the child grows.  Baby blankets have been handed down for many generations.  Perhaps they have been framed as wall art or sewn together to make a memorable quilt when the child becomes an adult.  Because of the significance of some baby blankets, many people look for something more than generic blankets, opting for something more personal.  New parents are looking for blankets that are more than just a color choice and fringe edging.

There are many unique baby girl blankets but finding unique baby blankets for boys can be more challenging.  Blankets often coordinate with the theme of the nursery.  Boy themes are typically sports oriented, trains, trucks, nautical, the Wild West, or frogs and lizards and other baby animals.  These cute baby boy blankets can be found without a lot of searching. When coordinated with a complimentary color these blankets can add to the personality of the nursery.

Personalized Boy Baby Blankets

There are many ideas other than the typical cute baby boy blankets. Once such unique idea is a personalized blanket for baby. Having baby’s name or initials added to his blanket is the typical way to personalize it.  Baby’s name and date of birth is embroidered or appliqued onto the material. Some other cool ways to personalize a blanket would be to add a nickname or perhaps a definition of the chosen name.  Family crests can be added, as well as family trees.

Quilting Blankets

For the really creative, photos of the baby or other family members can be scanned onto the fabric and made into a cherished memento.  Many people take family photos and other small objects and incorporate them into quilts.  Each square of the quilt might hold a family memory and when sewn together tells the history of the baby’s heritage.  These types of baby blankets are truly unique and are sure to become cherished keepsakes.

Growing with Blankets

As babies grow past the newborn stage they require a larger blanket to keep them cozy. You can continue to find unique blankets for every stage of a baby’s life.  As a matter of fact, as baby grows, the his personality emerges and the blanket can be more individualized to him.  His interests can be incorporated into the blanket. Or perhaps some of his baby items added. Think of how special his baby blanket would be by adding his stocking cap or t-shirt that was worn home from the hospital or a favorite outfit or bib.

Baby blanket sales continue to do well as a baby blankets are one of the most popular gifts for a newborn.  Keeping the boy’s baby blanket cute, funky, and unique to him will ensure your gift is cherished for many years to come.

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