More Funky Baby Blankets

Bright, striped, spotted, tie-dyed — an unusual baby blanket may be the signature baby gift of 2013. Rock stars and celebs have been seen bundling their babies in blankets with everything from peacock feather to peace sign designs. Funky baby blankets are definitely the new fashion – and why not? They’re an unexpected touch; they bring shouts of delighted laughter at the baby shower, and even smiles to the faces of strangers on the street. If the new parents have a sense of humor, or a bohemian bent, why not start baby out right by giving a fun shower gift that celebrates the family’s non-traditional ways?

Take this clever tie-dyed baby blanket. What could be cuter for an outdoor concert or shopping trip, than baby bundled up in this soft little number, and his Mom and Dad wearing matching tie-dyed tees? It would also be adorable on a baby wearing a funky tee and little jeans. If Mom’s a little crunchy, she’ll also be glad to know that this unique baby blanket is hypoallergenic, 100 percent cotton, and made from natural fibers. The special weave also helps prevents static, and helps keep baby warm, but not overheated.

If the Mom-to-be isn’t afraid of bright, vibrant color, this two-toned goosebumps blanket is just the ticket. You can go turquoise and green, hot pink and orange, or hot pink and green, among others. The blanket is deep, soft 100 percent polyester and has raised bumps and rose-shaped swirls of plush to encourage baby’s curiosity. The silky lining makes it comfy-cozy for baby and the neon colors make it a cheerful addition to a brightly-colored nursery.

If you, or your gift recipient like vibrant accent color, this bright, Indian-inspired swaddle blanket trio is a touch of the exotic. Lotus blooms, paisley swirls and painted elephants are a few of the themes in this clever line. Bright, attractive color combinations such as hot pink and bright orange, scarlet and navy, and orange and blue, make these  muslin swaddle blankets a uniquely beautiful gift. They’re made of 100 percent light, breathable cotton muslin to keep baby snug, but not too warm.

This sweet peace blankie makes a great addition to any baby shower gift list. The blanket is cotton with a satin lining, and comes in soft, traditional pink or blue, beige, or a vibrant orange. This funky blanket celebrates peace, love and cushy softness, and is a hip, up-to-the-minute statement gift. This line also offers a ‘love’ blanket – just in case the new Mom has twins!

If Mom likes bright colors and bold design, this funky, modern blankie will be just right for baby’s first trip to the art museum. The blanket is made of comfy, 100 percent organic cotton in neon orange, lime green and bold brown. The big concentric circles look like modern art and are a real conversation starter, but the blanket also has a practical side for Mom – it’s easy care and machine washable.

If you’re looking for a shower gift this year, or just an addition to your own baby gear, consider taking a walk on the funky side with these fun, funky baby blankets!

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