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Zebra stuffed toyEverybody loves a nursery with a zoo or safari look, and there are hundreds of ways to decorate with that theme. So why is it that so many new Moms zero in on the zebra look? Is it the wild stripes, the versatility of a black and white color scheme, the fact that zebras coordinate with both pink and blue? There’s no knowing, but the bottom line is this: the crazy little horses are running everywhere this year. And why not? They’re wild, they’re free, and darn it, they’re just plain cute. If you like the painted ponies, or know a new Mom who does, take a look at these wild and wonderful zebra-style baby blankets and toys.

The Kushies Zebra Blanket is one of our all-time most popular blankets, and it’s easy to see why. This fun baby blanket comes in vivid, crayon-bright blue, red and orange, and each blanket has an embroidered zebra peeking out coyly from one corner. Each blanket also comes with a small stuffed zebra toy. What baby wouldn’t look adorable with this blanket around his shoulders, and the zebra toy in his mouth? Camera, quick! Plus, the blankets are thick, plush, luxuriously soft polyester, and Mom will be glad to know that they can be machine washed and dried. These zebra baby blankets can also be personalized with the baby’s name, date of birth, or clever message, if you’re planning to give one as a baby shower gift. How about: “Catching some zzz’s”?

This clever stuffed zebra sock animal was clearly designed by someone with a great sense of fun. Both Mom and baby will love Rinky the Zebra’s bold stripes, crooked ears and quizzical expression. This stuffed sock toy is made of a hand knit cotton/terylene blend, and no matter how much the baby loves it – (read, stuffs in mouth/drags on floor) – Mom can quickly and easily get it sparkling clean again by popping it into the washer. This toy is a little over a foot tall and can sit upright in a nursery chair. This zebra sock toy also has a big brother, an alligator named Blinky. How that happened, we don’t know – only that they’re just too cute, and that they get along pretty well, considering.

Zebra Stuffed Toy and Blanket

Pick up this adorable Zebra stuffed toy and blanket gift set for an animal inspired baby shower!

This irresistible baby blanket and zebra stuffed animal set makes a great baby shower gift for a little girl, especially if the new Mom specifies a safari or animal theme. The set comes with a beautiful stuffed baby zebra doll and a pink fleece blanket with striped percale trim. The zebra doll’s big, melting eyes, floppy ears, and tuft of hair will make it baby’s favorite plaything, and Mom will love the beauty and practicality of the soft, warm fleece blanket.

Any of these pretty ponies would make a sweet addition to a nursery with a black and white color scheme, a zoo or safari theme, or a baby animals theme. Savvy Moms and gift givers know: Zany zebras are the zenith of the zoo zone!

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