How to Put Together a Baby Gift Basket

Lambie Baby Blanket Gift SetWhen it comes to baby showers, there is no limit as to what an expecting mother is going to need. This is especially the case for new mothers. It is likely that you will go through many baby sites and stores coming across multiple items that seem perfect. This is the point where some people get stumped. How do you decide what to get? Now you can just grab an item or two and leave it at that, or you can create the perfect baby gift basket. Gift baskets are not only a cute idea, they are also filled with useful items that work well together. Consider these steps on how to put together a baby gift basket without unnecessary stress and watch your expecting mothers face glow as she receives it.

The first thing that you will have to think about after deciding on making a gift basket, is how to choose gifts for a baby! There are so many routes you can go down with a basket. You want to make sure that you have an idea as to what type of basket you plan on putting together. The theme you choose for your basket will decide what goes into it. Some pick an animal theme and put in a stuffed animal, a few onesies with animals, etc while others may create a basket with a specific use in mind.

Once you have your idea set, the fun part can begin and you can start looking at items. Perhaps you want to make a bath gift set and fill it with bath toys, baby friendly shampoo and body wash, and a cute towel set. These tend to be popular and will definitely be used. You can also consider a bedtime basket with a soft baby crib blanket, a cuddly stuffed animal, and a set of footie pajamas. There are also the optional pre-made gift baskets that are always a hit with expecting mothers. For the organically conscious parents, consider the five piece organic layette set. Theme choices are endless and you can easily make your basket unique and memorable.

Organic Baby Blanket Gift Set

Check out this adorable five piece Organic Baby Blanket Gift Set!

You can also decide to combine a pre-made gift set with items of your own choosing. This way it is personal and the recipient knows you chose the items with care. Baby blanket gift sets are immensely popular with parents. You can never go wrong with is a cozy baby blanket. A quality baby blanket will not only become a favorite item for the parents but of the baby as well. There are different types of baby blankets to choose from with different uses. Perhaps your bedtime basket can include a set of swaddling blankets for those nights where the baby needs extra comfort. Along with your bath items you could consider a personalized baby blanket for some extra warmth after getting out of the tub. You can never go wrong with a personal touch.

Baby gift baskets are guaranteed to make a splash at any baby shower. Not only are they fun to make, but the thought that goes into them is always appreciated. With all the theme options and the abundance of baby items to choose from, you can be sure you are giving a thoughtful and unique gift. Whether you decide to follow a theme the expecting mother has been thinking about or decide to stray outside of the box, everyone is sure to be happy with the result.


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