What Are the Different Types and Uses for Baby Blankets?

Beba Bean Herringbone Swaddle BlanketWith so many different options available for various types of baby blankets, it is sometimes difficult to know how to differentiate amongst them all! Baby blankets come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and fabrics. That is not to mention all the personal touches available that make them unique- some blankets come adorned with stuffed animals or exciting patterns or countless other details that make them special. You can even get any type of blanket personalized specifically for your baby! For example, you could purchase a baby receiving blanket with a name embroidered on it. There are so many ways to make your baby’s blankets personal and unique, but before you do, it is important to know what types of baby blankets are out there, how they differ from each other, and what they are used for.

Above all else when it comes to baby blankets, it is important to be aware of the uses of each type and to pair each blankets with its correct use. First of all, there are four main types of baby blankets. These include receiving blankets, security blankets, swaddling blankets, and crib blankets.  When buying a blanket for baby or as a gift, it is important to remember the unique needs of baby and that each need needs to be met with a unique response. Not only is the function and size of the baby blanket important to keep in mind, but you should also remember that familiar and comfortable items will begin to hold a lot of significance to your baby,

Receiving Blanket

The most versatile and multifunctional of the four main types of baby blankets is the receiving blanket. These simple and lightweight blankets typically measure about one square yard and serves many purposes.  There are many uses for a baby receiving blanket. The blanket can be used to lay baby down on the floor or unfamiliar surface, to provide a buffer between baby and the outside world, to swaddle, catch spit-up and drool, and pretty much any other uses you could think of!

Petite Cable Rib Blanket

Have a baby receiving blanket on hand for the day your baby is born.

Security Blanket

Parents should consider purchasing their new infant a security blanket because they provide a form of comfort for baby. They are typically made of soft plush or fleece and sometimes have a stuffed animal attached, yet they should still be durable, as children tend to hold on to them and take them everywhere far into the toddler age. Since these tend to be the blankets that people hold on to through their lives as a memory of childhood, you should consider purchasing personalized baby security blankets so they are that much more special when baby grows up.

Security blankets provide soothing comfort to your baby.

Security blankets provide soothing comfort to your baby.

Swaddling Blanket

Swaddling blankets are similar to security blankets in that they help provide comfort, calm, and relaxation for baby by keeping him enveloped. However, they differ because they come with attachments that do up and make it easy to swaddle a baby. There are some swaddling blankets that remain wrapped around the top half of the baby while the bottom is undone for diaper changes. A soft newborn swaddle blanket will keep baby soft and cozy while they sleep.

Swaddling Blanket

Try this hook and loop swaddling blanket to keep baby warm and cozy!


Crib Blanket

The last blankets to look for are baby blankets for a crib and there are many types of these available, including crib sheets, blankets and crib bedding sets. Baby blankets have come a long way, so be sure to choose crib bedding based first on comfort and safety and second on the style. With the wide range available today, there is no need to sacrifice any of these characteristics. Keep in mind though, you should never use a blanket in a crib with a sleeping baby.

Ultimately, when purchasing blankets for your baby or as a gift for a mother-to-be, keep in mind the purpose they will serve and shop accordingly.  With the wide array available today, there is no reason you can not have exactly what you want!


The ultra-soft Bearington blanket is a comfortable option for baby's crib.

This ultra-soft Bearington blanket is a comfortable option for baby’s crib.

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