A Guide to the Top 5 Types of Baby Blankets

Knit Baby BlanketPicking out blankets for babies is always a lot of fun! From all the adorable designs to the soft to the touch materials, it’s hard not to cuddle with them yourself. Without any research, most will think a blanket is just a blanket. As long as it’s warm and big enough to wrap a baby in, what else do you need to worry about? There are multiple types of baby blankets. While all will bring comfort to your child, different types have different functions. Here is a basic guide for the top 5 types of blankets for babies.

Baby swaddling blankets are always popular with parents, particularly during infancy. Swaddling can help to comfort a baby by keeping them slightly confined. It is often said that swaddling for a baby is reminiscent of the time spent in the womb. These blankets can be used at a young age to help prevent an infant from startling itself awake. This is also extremely helpful for sleep deprived parents. These cozy baby blankets come in light and heavier materials which can help regulate your baby’s temperature. They usually can be purchased in packs that provide both a light and heavy blanket like the Classic Swaddle Duo.


Receiving blankets are similar to swaddling blankets, but are usually on the smaller side. As suggested, a receiving blanket is usually one of the first blankets your baby will be wrapped in after birth. Hospitals will likely have them on hand if the parents don’t have one with them. With newborns it is important not to have too much excess blanket since they really can’t move well on their own. Receiving blankets can also be used to swaddle while your baby is still tiny. If you have a larger baby, you will likely move on from this to a large receiving blanket. Some parents like to have personalized receiving blankets as a keepsake.

A crib blanket is likely to be a bigger blanket that will stay primarily in your baby’s bed. Because most parents have multiple blankets that are dragged around all over the place, having one or two designated for the crib is a good idea. It’s best to have more than one crib blanket in case of middle of the night accidents. It is suggested to wait until your baby is at least one before having big blankets in the crib. Until your baby can roll over and maneuver on his own, too many items in a crib can be a suffocation hazard. Because babies lose their body temperature easily, having them covered is important. Crib blankets come in many sizes and materials. Having a durable cotton blanket or a soft chenille blanket to keep them cozy on chillier nights can help put your mind at ease.

Weegoamigo Baby Crib Blanket

The Weegoamigo crib blanket makes for a cozy and fun trip out of the house!

Security blankets may seem like a typical baby blanket, but they often become a big part of your baby’s life. What may be just another blanket to you can mean the world to your child. You can never pick which blanket your child gets attached to or how long that attachment will last. The best thing you can do is purchase good quality blankets that can survive the wear and tear that comes with being a child’s favorite blanket. It is easy to find cute and funky baby blankets that you will be happy to have your child towing around.

Stroller blankets, like security blankets, are often taken everywhere. These are the blankets you grab on the run to make sure your baby is comfortable during car rides or trips to the park. You don’t want them to be too big or bulky or the inconvenience will cause a lot of frustration. These are also blankets that are the most seen by others so you want to make sure they are clean and cute. Whether it is a warm summer day or a brisk fall afternoon, having a blanket on hand is important. Stroller blankets also come in many different materials fit for all seasons.

While in the end the blankets you choose to purchase or put on your registry are entirely up to you, it is important to know their uses. You can never go wrong having a variety of baby blankets to choose from. Some may be used until they are falling apart while others may remain in pristine condition for years. Keeping in mind the different types of blankets can only help you in the long run. So while you are shopping consider these types and buy the blankets you know you are going to need.

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