Baby Gift Guide For Parents Infographic

Baby Gift Guide For Parents – Infographic

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Baby Gift Guide For Parents

Baby gifts are more for parents than the name suggests. Match the gifts to each parenting style by the pacifier color.

  • Brand New Parents – New Moms and Dads
    • Give essential items needed to secure and care for their baby.
      • Egg Baby Cable Hat and Bootie Set
      • Baby Bottle
  • Rockstar Parents – Experienced Parents
    • Show appreciation with customized gifts that shout their family’s personality.
      • Monogrammed Bib
      • Custom Wall Decoration
  • Workaholic Parents – No Free Time
  • Doting Parents – Devoted Parents
    • Spoil and shower their baby with fun and creative toys.
  • Bargaining Parents – Deal Hunters
    • Show your own knack for haggling by giving better gifts for less.
  • Survival Parents – Always Ready
    • These parents are always prepared to take on any adventure!
      • Diaper Bag
      • Pacifier
  • Trendy Parents – Fashionistas
    • Pass on their sense of style and creativity to their baby.
      • Sunglasses for Babies
  • Tech-Savvy Parents – Love Technology
    • Get baby plugged in with educational toys and cool gadgets.
  • Traditional Parents – Classic Parents
    • Giving gifts reminding them of their childhood will be a thoughtful gesture.
      • Wooden Rocking Horse
      • Wooden Abacus for Kids
      • Wooden Alphabet Blocks

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